Dream Team

Garnering inspiration from a driving moment is quite rare for me, but today was an exception. I was driving back from the grocery store and needed to pull a left at a complicated intersection that is not regulated by lights. There were five of us wanting to pull out in different directions, it was raining, and there was a lot of traffic. However, all five of us made our turns in absolute and careful synchronisation. It was perfectly timed as if choreographed and pre-rehearsed. I thought to myself, if I was in charge of hiring a team of people to work on a project, I would at the very least want the four other drivers to apply. The quick assessment of a difficult situation that was perfectly coordinated was just a model of superb teamwork. I drove away thinking ‘Well done, guys! That was beautiful!’


About Lois Loban Stuckenbruck

Trained as a Ballerina, then completed a BA in Business Adm and English Literature at Milligan College. More recently trained to be a lay pastor (Reader) in the Church of England. Wife of a Biblical Scholar, Mother of three. I'm an American who has also lived many years in England and Germany (currently Munich). I have worked as an Editorial Assistant, Systems Manager (Xerox Stars on Ethernet Network), and several positions in higher education fundraising (Alumni and Development).
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