Making Connections

Well, the World Day of Prayer Service went surprisingly smoothly.  It was just under an hour, but that is probably because the movement element of one section fell out completely.  No surprise there.  We had agreed what to do, but didn’t actually do it in rehearsal.  Not rehearsed, not remembered.  Remember that!

Most of the chairs were filled in the small chapel.  This, I was told, was sad because they usually need to bring in more chairs.  I guess this service was in competition with the film ‘Robin Hood’ being shown elsewhere in the Altenheim.  Afterwards, there was a wonderful French meal prepared and ready for everyone who attended the service.  I was wondering where – and what – the Robin Hood audience were being fed. LOL

The funniest moment for me came when one of the ladies saw my husband enter, and said, ‘Look, the Catholic Professor is here!’  I answered, ‘No, that is my husband. He is a Professor, but not Catholic.’  She was all embarrassed and giggly about this error.  But she is not the only one making this mistake.  There is another Professor in our village who is Catholic, and who does look like my husband!  Both Professors see the resemblance, and think it particularly amusing.

My Herr Professor gets waved at, and joined by people on the train and at the university all the time who think he is the Catholic Herr Professor.  It is an interesting way to meet people, nicht wahr? One day, he was sitting rather innocently on the train, typing on his laptop when two people joined him.  The Catholic Herr Professor plopped himself next to Loren, and said to his wife, ‘See, don’t we look alike?‘  (It must be happening to him too.)  My Herr Professor looked up and nearly gasped.  The wife of the Catholic Herr Professor resembles me – though not as much as the husbands resemble each other.  Is this getting creepy?  It gets even better – they have three kids also, a daughter and two sons!

I have met the Catholic Herr Professor, but not his family.  My curiosity is now getting the better of me.  We shall have to invite them over.


About Lois Loban Stuckenbruck

Trained as a Ballerina, then completed a BA in Business Adm and English Literature at Milligan College. More recently trained to be a lay pastor (Reader) in the Church of England. Wife of a Biblical Scholar, Mother of three. I'm an American who has also lived many years in England and Germany (currently Munich). I have worked as an Editorial Assistant, Systems Manager (Xerox Stars on Ethernet Network), and several positions in higher education fundraising (Alumni and Development).
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